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Afternoon tea with Friday Afternoon

Afternoon tea with Friday Afternoon


Sometimes during a long session of dice-rolling, button-smashing or cosplaying-sewing, you just need a break. And what better way to frame that break than with a cup of tea? Well, there’s one better way: a cup of geeky-themed tea.

Friday Afternoon Tea is a local (to Sharctank; remember we’re Seattle-based) tea company that specializes in tea with a nerdy twist, from My Little Pony to Doctor Who.

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DECK HEADS: Blue Moon Legends, An Introduction

DECK HEADS: Blue Moon Legends, An Introduction

The Deck Heads are back from a much longer hiatus than we intended, but that’s how life goes sometimes! To start off our new series, we made a “How To Play” video for the game Blue Moon Legends. Blue Moon is a 1v1 strategy card game that came out in 2004. Over the years, there were several expansions adding new factions and play modes. Blue Moon Legends is a re-release of the base game and all…

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NAME YOUR GAME #7: Logan Fieth

Our seventh episode of Name Your Game with Logan Fieth!

Logan Fieth, the brains behind Ludo Land and Four Sided Fantasy, is the third game designer we’ve had on and he won’t be our last. Joining us for our next episode is award-winning journalist and YouTuber George Weidman, also known as Super Bunnyhop.

This is Name Your Game. If you’re not listening, you’re missing out on talks about Shadow of the ColossusThirty Flights of LovingThe Fourth Wall

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Nerdliest Catch: The return of Clint Barton

Nerdliest Catch: The return of Clint Barton

Hawkeye’s back on rotation! I’ve been looking forward to this issue since April, so it’s a joy to review it. Lots of good comics here, including several all new series for you guys to check out. –All of which, I’m only now realizing, have male protagonists. I need to change that up. I’ll try to do a lady-heavy column next time around. Enjoy the rare sausage fest today, though!

deepgravity_coverDeep Gravity #1…

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NAME YOUR GAME #6: Ty Taylor

NAME YOUR GAME #6: Ty Taylor

This week, we’re featuring another game designer we met at SGRE: Ty Taylor. (Check out last week’s episode for a talk with Brett Cutler, game designer at 17-BIT.) Ty has won numerous awards for his game The Bridge, which he worked on with artist Mario Castaneda. He’s currently working on Tumblestone.a competitive multiplayer puzzle game, which is scheduled for a Q4 2014 release on multiple…

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Nerdliest Catch: Short and sweet!

Nerdliest Catch: Short and sweet!

Hey everyone! I hope plenty of you are getting ready to enjoy San Diego Comic Con. I’m sadly not, but next year! Next year I’m determined to make it. Let me know how brilliant the experience was, if you made it, and if you’re stuck at home like me, at least there’s some good comics to get you over. I’m keeping it short this week, but maybe I’ll ramble more in the comments if you ask me nicely.


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Rhythm Destruction: Blast to the beat!

Rhythm Destruction: Blast to the beat!

Rhythm Destruction, a new game developed by the two-man team Curious Panda Games, is a combination of rhythm game mechanics with a top-down scrolling shooter. They started the hobby project in October 2012 after meeting on Age of Conan and have been working on it in their spare time ever since. It was originally a Dance Dance Revolutionclone, but they decided to flesh it out and make it something…

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NAME YOUR GAME #5: Brett Cutler

Brett Cutler, Game Designer for 17-BIT, joins Tim and Dane for Name Your Game.

At the end of our previous episode we said our next guest would be Melonie, but she’s unfortunately sick so we had to reschedule. It’s okay though, because we’ve got Brett Cutler, Game Designer at 17-BIT, with us to talk Pathologic, a game that he as a game designer respects the most.

This is Name Your Game. If you’re not listening, you’re missing out on talks about Shadow of the ColossusMass…

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