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TWO FAT DALEKS: Episode 2 - Into the Dalek

TWO FAT DALEKS: Episode 2 – Into the Dalek

On this week’s episode of Two Fat Daleks, Doc Wheatley and Rorschach discuss the second episode of series eight: Into the Dalek. Obviously, this episode focuses on Daleks, which are Doc and Rorschach’s favorite Doctor Who enemy… Hence the name of this podcast.

Spoiler alert!

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Pixel Piracy: Was It Worth It?

Pixel Piracy: Was It Worth It?

Was It Worth It? has finally returned! We’re back from our hiatus with the first episode of season two, just in time for PAX Prime 2014! We’ve got some big changes this time around, including a brand new host: Sharctank’s very own Isaac! We’ll be regularly rotating hosts, so some episodes will be hosted by Dane and Tim, some by Tim and Isaac, and some by Isaac and Dane, which is sure to bring…

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